Meet Sheena

day by day

the happenings of me – military wife, mother of three, homeschooling mom, & love affair with the beach/pool/lakes/boats – all things water

I use my everyday happenings as creative writing prompts. This typically means bringing to life for you the crazy things my girls do or say. If this is what you are looking for, make sure to check out my vignettes section, which are the highlights of my life in story form.

Thank you for reading!

Me and water on a boat!!!


2 thoughts on “Meet Sheena

  1. Christi Campbell says:

    I nursed all three kids – two of which are only 18 months apart… I so understand the latest blog you posted – and said more than once that all I am is a milk machine. I can attest that it truly DOES get better – and keep writing. You are an inspiration to all mom’s who are doing it too. 🙂 My kids are now between 9 and 13 and while it seems impossible, I remember it vividly. Thanks for taking me back to where I was it seemed, just days ago, feeling the same way – all via your blog!

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