Who said you were to old to Trick-or-Treat?! I’m certainly not! I wanted to make sure my Husband’s paralegal has fun tomorrow and I made a Trick-or-Treat surprise for her. I folded a couple of boxes out of black paper and wrote on one “Trick” and the other “Treat” with a white crayon. I am going to put one of my spider cookies in each box and he will ask her to pick a box and she gets to have what is inside! I think it will be fun. Sure it is the same thing in either box, but she won’t know because he isn’t going to show her the contents of the other box! I think it’s brilliant. It is a quick, easy, and fun little thing to do for someone on halloween. If you did it for their kids, I bet they would find it quite amusing. It took me maybe 10 minutes to make the two boxes, since I didn’t already know how to do it. I hope you have a Happy Halloween tomorrow!

Would box would you pick?



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