Pump-tastic Pumpkins!

Last year time completely slipped away from us with a new baby and we did not carve our pumpkins for Halloween. I loved carving pumpkins as a kid. It was wonderful seeing them all lit up. Ensuring we didn’t run out of time this year we spent the morning and early afternoon yesterday carving pumpkins with the girls. I picked up a kit to get the saws necessary to carve them. This kit of course came with patterned stencils. I was unaware of this fact and the girls had picked out their pumpkin designs on the car ride home. We said good-bye to the Jack O’lantern idea. And moved onto advanced pumpkin designs.

Excited to carve pumpkins!

We took the pulp out of the pumpkins. They were quite appalled at how messy a pumpkin is. They were also intrigued that it smelled like cantaloupe.

Getting back at them for years of runny noses and food covered faces all over my clothes!

Traced on our stencils.

Carved our the designs!

It was fun. The kids loved it and I know they will love seeing them a glow on the 31st.

Sylvia with her “spooky” raven. It was so spooky she was hesitant to hug it.

Glowing Raven

Melanie of course picked the cat. We like the pumpkin in a pumpkin aspect to her carving.

Glowing Cat!

After the kids went to bed Husband and I carved our own designs into pumpkins. It was a great. We have been dating/married for 12 years and we carved our first pumpkins last night. It was a fun activity. We each did a pumpkin and I love my husband’s. We needed a boy pumpkin amongst the rest of them!

The Avengers – S.H.I.E.L.D. Emblem

I was really excited about my pattern. I found one that used the technique of not carving out the pieces, but shaving away the pumpkin. Of course, I couldn’t find the appropriate tools at Lowe’s and used the end of my vegetable peeler. I was worried a couple times I was going to peel the skin off my finger, but we made it through and next year I will have nice sturdy metal tools for our Pump-tastic Pumpkins! Happy Halloween!

My owl Carving!

My glowing owl! Let’s out much less light and is really hard to take a picture of without a tri-pod.


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