Who does your sewing?

In my house that would not be me! The most recent victim of wear and tear would be our gigantic stuffed sheep Bob. He has an enormous hole in the seam on his back and he is loosing his fluff. The girls each had their own idea on how to fix this. Our baby thought hey let’s pull out the fluff and play with it. Awesome! The two older girls did not like her plan. My two-year-old said. “Ohh, Nonni need to come here and fix that. She can fix my dress too.” My five-year-old said. “No, Grandmama fixed my raccoon that broke. She can come and fix my Bob up too.” They are both really great ideas. Both of their Grandmas have the skills and motivation required to fix Bob. Could I patch him up? Yep. Will I? I want to say yes, but what the girls have forgotten and what you don’t know is he actually broke over a year ago! Sylvia was 1 then and thought pulling his fluff out was a great idea just like Danielle did and that my dear friends is why he was stuffed up on a high shelf in their closet! I think this might be a job for a Grandma! Don’t you? I bet I can find some buttons and seams that need some help too! šŸ˜‰


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