“Please Daddy. Pleeeease!”

Can you hear it? The pleading. The pull on a father’s heart strings. We really really want this. Will you do this for us? It would really make us happy. All rolled up into “Please Daddy. Pleeeease!” Well, those were the words being echoed from my girls this morning as we were getting dressed for church. If you don’t already know, we are a house full of four “fancy Nancy”s and one outnumbered husband/daddy.

Every Sunday, all us girls parade through the room where Daddy is and wait to hear his approval and how beautiful we are. He is always there to compliment our hair, our dress, our shoes, and all the items that pull our outfit together. Melanie always tells Daddy before he leaves, “If you wore a tie, you would be a little bit more handsomer.” Daddy, of course, never wears a tie except when he has to for work. Well, this morning we were all particularly done up, and the girls were pleading, “Please Daddy, Please wear a tie. Pleeeease.” Daddy resists. What Daddy wants to wear a tie on a Sunday, especially to a church where that’s not the norm? He put on slacks, a nice shirt, dress shoes, and walked out to the girls. This was a huge step up from the jeans he usually wears on Sundays, and he figured it was a good compromise.

The girls see him and start up again. “It just isn’t as nice if you don’t wear a tie. Please wear a tie Daddy!” I walk out of the closet and sling the tie over his shoulder. Daddy gives me a sideways glance. “It wasn’t my idea, I promise.” Well, he put on the tie. He wore it to church. He withstood the comments and glances about how dressed up he looked. It was an act of love, and the girls thought he couldn’t look any handsomer.

Girl 1

Girl 2

Girl 3

She looked like a snow baby! (I just re-discovered a bunch of baby clothes!)

He wore a tie – for his ladies!


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