My overly honest Sylvia

It has been a rough couple of days around the house. There have been a stomach virus, head colds, and multiple sleepless nights, and today I wanted to spend my free morning doing something fun. Naturally, I went shopping. I stopped by Michaels, looking for glitter hairspray, and instead I found fall decorations for the house! I don’t decorate much. With a rental house and three little kids, decorating is not a top priority. I put the new garland over the fireplace. It is nothing fancy, but it says fall.  I ran back out to pick up the girls. Sylvia came home and walked to the living room. She pointed up at the mantle. “What’s that Mommy? Why you get that?” “They are fall decorations,” I said. “Well, I don’t like that.” She walked over to it touched a little pumpkin on the garland, turned, and looked to me. “It has this stuff. I don’t like it.” I think to myself, maybe Melanie will like it, and if not, then I know Daddy will say he does even if he doesn’t.


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