Officially a Soccer Mom

Fall is here, and soccer has started! Yesterday, I packed up the kids, and we stormed the soccer fields. Melanie has been waiting since this past spring to start soccer, and she couldn’t have been more excited to play. We had a meltdown in the morning because our uniform that we picked up Friday was enormous! Fortunately, a good friend bailed us out with some smaller black shorts when we got to the fields.

Sylvia was the typical younger sibling. She was quite put out when we got because she was not playing soccer too. She sat up in her new special camp chair I got for her and fussed, “I need something.” When I asked, “What do you mean?” her frown grew even bigger, and she mumbled, “I need something for me.” I felt little sympathy for her. I spent many a saturday afternoon at tee-ball games for my brothers when I was little – it’s just part of growing up with siblings. Danielle was the tiniest moving thing on the soccer field. She found a pile of soccer balls and spent a long time picking them up and tossing them out, then walking up to dribble them. The girl’s got skills. She is our little athlete.

Soccer was definitely a huge step up in parental entertainment from dance class. You show up to dance class and sit in a lobby and wait for them to come back. In soccer, you get to be out and about and part of the action. It was lots of fun to cheer on the kids as they played their scrimmages in the second half hour. Soccer may snub saturday morning breakfast, and it may be outside in the elements, but I sure had a great time in the morning outside on the edge of the field cheering the kids on. I might just be ready for my soccer ball magnet. It could look good on the backside of my white mini-van….. We shall see.


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