How are you 1 already?!

My baby girl turned 1 today! I have a hard time believing it! You are such a joy. When you smile, it melts my heart. Your boisterous laughter is infectious. Your determination to walk, climb, dance, play, and keep up with your big sisters is inspiring. You are the tiniest and most durable baby I have met.

I love to hear you talk. You run to Melanie, crying “Mel-Mel” when you want her help. When your Daddy walks in from work, you cry “Daddy, Daddy” and race to the back door for a hug. When you are done eating, you tell me you are “all done.” You are always waving and saying “hi” and “bye.” I love to pick you up from the gym. You run to me, yelling “hey, mama.”

In the last year, you have taken naps on the go and chilled in your stroller with your feet up, chowing down on snacks and waiting to move on to the next activity. It took months for people to know you could actually cry. You slept through the night before your older sister Sylvia did. You were one pretty awesome baby! I am so sad to see your first year go. I am looking forward to watching the adventures unfold for you in the next year. I can see you sliding down slides, building sand castles, kicking soccer balls, and running before I know it. I hope you continue to climb up into my lap just to snuggle.

I love you, Danielle! You are an amazing little girl, and I know in the next year you will just show that more and more. Happy Birthday!




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