Now I’m 11 Months Old!

Danielle here. As you might have realized I am 11 months old! It is a big deal because Mommy keeps declaring “I am losing my baby.” She says I am “almost a toddler.” I started talking. My main words are Daddy, Mommy, bye-bye, and uh-oh. I am not very limited by my vocabulary. I am quite expressive and it is pretty easy for Mommy to understand what it is I want. I “cut” 4 teeth this month. That was not fun. They have made eating easier now. I use them to eat my favorite foods bananas and pasta pick-ups. I am exploring the house constantly. I am usually smiling and having fun wherever I go which to play with toys inside our Dora tent.

I have been working really hard the last couple months trying to get mobile enough to keep up with my big sisters. I am quite able to climb the stairs now. I got up them really fast on my first try. Mommy and Daddy quickly gated them off though. Now I bolt for them when they forget to close it and hope they don’t catch me, but they always do. I am a pro crawler, but this isn’t enough for me. I need to walk! I have been watching the olympics with Mommy and I have decided crawling is far from the ideal. So, I practice standing up in the middle of the floor all by myself. The other night I even stood while drinking from my cup. Melanie has me on a strict training regimen. I should be walking any day now. Check out my progress!

Well I am out for now. I will catch you in a month after my big 1-year-old birthday!

-Baby D


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