Can you be thankful for today?

I am lying on the floor in the girls’ room, gazing up at the ceiling with my head on my husband’s chest while the girls lie in their beds. We have all said our prayers and finished our nightly out-of-tune rendition of “Be thou my vision.” Neither my husband nor myself are popping up to venture downstairs. We lay there for a few moments and I observe three sets of eyes trained on us wondering what is next. They’ve noticed we are not diving out of the room as usual to flake out in childless bliss on the sofa.

I prolong my lazy moment on the floor with a question: “Girls what are you thankful for tonight?”

Melanie slams her head into her pillow. “I don’t want to do this.” She says through the fluff.

Ignoring her attempts for attention. “Well, Sylvie are you thankful for anything tonight?”

“Mmm….hmmm…. I Sylvia.”

We chuckle my head bobs up and down with my husbands deep laugh. “We know you are Sylvia. Are you thankful for anything?”

She quickly explains while pointing her finger. “No. You Mommy. You Daddy. You Danielle. You Melanie.” She touches her finger to her chest. “I Sylvia. I thankful for Sylvia!” Her head begins to bobble up and down. “Mm-hmm. For Sylvia.” I just laugh again and my husband says, “We are thankful for Sylvia too…I am thankful for all my girls.” I gaze his way and give him a sideways glance. “Really? All four of your – insane – drama filled – crazy girls?” “Yes. I am.” Melanie lifts her head at this. “I am thankful for Daddy being home and all the family being together.” “Me too,” My husband says. “Me too.”

I again reposition my eyes to the ceiling. How true. He is home and he is home for five weeks! I begin to panic a little at the thought. I want him here. In five weeks we will all be accustomed to him being here every night of the week. We will undo our walls that keep us sane when he is on the road. The girls will have meltdowns and I quite likely will too.  I breathe in and decide to be thankful, to be thankful to have him here too. He spends so much time on the road it is nice to feign a normal family life. Even if there are five weeks gone looming in our future. I will be thankful and enjoy them. I look around the room at my girls. I cherish them and their answers to my random questions.


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