Butterfly Cupcakes

Melanie celebrated her birthday this past week with her friends from school. She wanted  cupcakes with pink frosting and purple butterflies. The perfect choice for our quite girly summer babe. I could have found butterflies on a stick to put into the cupcakes and pink frosting from anywhere. I took the creative idea as a challenge and made butterflies out of chocolate and a new to me frosting called Italian Meringue buttercream! It was amazing! I really wish I had step by step photos of the process to post of both of these, but alas, it was not in the cards for this week.

To make the butterflies I gathered 2 bags of colored chocolate from the craft store. You could use morales, but the chips from the store are tempered and that makes it melt better, dry shiny, and gives it a nice snap. You can also use any of the awesome colors to pick from. I used purple and white. You also need wax paper, a cookie sheet, drawn template of butterfly wings, sugar sprinkles, and two baggies.

I drew my wings which took me a little while. I cut it out and taped to a piece of card stock. I then taped the card stock to my cookie sheet. I then folded over my tape in a circle to make it double sided and placed it onto the sides of my wings template. I cut my wax paper into squares that were slightly bigger than my template so I could stick it to the tape and over the template permitting me to see through and trace the wings. I melted my chocolate into the baggies according to package directions kneading the bag instead of stirring. I cut a tiny hole in the corner and squeezed a border in one color and then filled with the other color. I shook the cookie sheet to smooth them together. I swirled the colors together with a toothpick and then placed my sprinkles on the wings. I then piped chocolate for antennas and chocolate for the bodies on a sheet of wax paper. The chocolate dries pretty quick and it only uses one bag of each color for 24 cupcakes. They were a big hit and they are very fancy.

I made italian meringue buttercream frosting. I piped this frosting onto the cupcakes to look like petals of a flower that the butterflies were resting on. This frosting does not get hard like buttercream, but it was plenty thick enough to hold the butterflies. None of the heavy wings fell down. I followed this recipe. It was really simple. It takes a little while only because you have to leave your mixer running for a multiple 10 minute stretches. It is worth it. There was a moment in the middle when the beautiful fluffy eggs whites collapsed into a soup as I added the butter. I was certain I was sacrificing stick after stick of butter to a bombed project. I stuck with it and it was amazing! The best frosting I have ever eaten. It is rich, creamy, fluffy, not too sweet, and best of all easy to pipe with. I will be preparing this frosting for the rest of my days.

You should definitely give both of these projects a try they are simple even though a little time consuming, but completely worth the effort in flavor and impact. I would use a box cake mix especially for a kids party though, because we all know kids eat the tops and leave the stumps. I wouldn’t waste my time or effort on delicious cake for young ones unless you are ready to watch it all travel to the trash can.

The best part of the project was when Melanie saw them she ran up, gave me an enormous hug, and said “I love you! You are the best Mommy!” 🙂


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