bye bye ballet

Today Melanie danced in what was likely her last dance recital. She did great. She looked so cute in her costume and even took a moment in the middle to wave towards the audience and say “hi.” The down side is my poor baby girl danced with an ear infection. She wanted to go so badly. My in-laws drove in late last night to see it and she wanted to be up there with her friends. She was in tears before and after because her ear hurt so bad. She insisted upon going to her recital and then the doctor. We went to urgent care and got her all fixed up. She even made it out to Cracker Barrel for her celebratory meal even if it was later than we had intended. She devoured her two blueberry pancakes and looked much better. We then came home and watched a family movie together. In the fall we will be onto “that black and white ball game.” I will wait until she sticks with it before I adorn my white mini-van with the official “soccer mom” soccer ball.

Here are the couple pictures. Pretty good for a girl who felt so bad. 🙂

Ready to watch Mel Mel

With her bestie after the finale

With Grandmama and Grandaddy

The Family! Poor Mel was spent.


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