I’m eight-and-a-half months old!

Danielle here. I have been begging Mommy to get with the program and tell you what new things I am up to. She has been really busy. Melanie, Melanie, Melanie! One day I will be the only one at home, and I will get all the attention.

I am now sitting up all by myself. I only fall over every now and then. I just aim for the carpet. I am rolling around and scooting around all over the house now. My favorite things are anything Melanie and Sylvia are playing with. They always grab their things and run away. I just keep rolling after them. I should be crawling soon. Whenever I try, I end up moving backwards. I will get the knack here soon though.

I am up in the high chair now. It is good since I kept falling out of the bumbo when I would reach for my toys. I am just too tiny. They didn’t make bumbos for babies like me. I am eating lots of solid foods. My favorite food is pears. I do eat everything Mommy gives me, even the meats, which are my least favorite. I LOVE puffs. I can pick them up and put them in my mouth all-by-myself! Cheerios are really yummy, but since I still don’t have any teeth, it takes a few minutes to gum them up enough to swallow. I have also started taking a bottle. It took a couple weeks to get used to it, but it’s alright. I know it is making Mommy’s life a little easier, and that makes me happy. I even crack a little smile when I see one now.

I am still a “sweet baby girl” as Mommy always calls me. I have decided to be a little more vocal though. I will cry and let them know when I do or don’t want something. It is the best way to get some attention around here for now.

I am still a petite little girl, but I am growing and getting bigger all the time. My goals for the next couple months are to get some teeth, be able to crawl, and eat more big person food. I think that would be nice.


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