A Marvelous Mother’s Day

My girls!

Mother’s week started on Monday. I got a beautiful paper bouquet of flowers from Sylvia after Mother’s Morning Out. She looked at them on the fridge all week and then turned to me: “Mommy, I make for you! I love you Mommy.”

sweet little hands

On Thursday, Melanie’s preschool had “Muffins for Mom,” and I got muffins and an awesome handprint craft from Melanie. She also made me a surprise book that she hid in the house for today. Whenever we find it, it sure will be a surprise.

All of my gifts!

Yesterday, I ran some errands, and I came back to homemade Mother’s day cards from the girls. Sylvia “wrote” lots of sweet things for me. Too bad they are in scribbles and I can’t read them because she wouldn’t let Daddy help her. “I write for Mommy.” I got flowers from Jeremy, and I haven’t had to clean any dishes this weekend. I also got a painted pot of flowers, a carnation, and a note from Melanie after church this week. I am very thankful for all the teachers and people that took time to help my girls make this Mother’s Day special for me.

I had a great Mother’s Day. The only part missing was spending time with my Mom and my Mother-in-law. I loved the above paper so much, I thought I would answer it for each of them!

  • Debbie
  • I love you because you are my friend
  • You help me cook really yummy food
  • You are the best at cooking even yummier food
  • My favorite thing to do with you is walk our circle
  • You are happy when you see your boys all together playing video games
  • It makes me happy when you stand in the corner of a room and smile
  • You make the best prosciutto goat cheese crustini
  • To My Mom – I wouldn’t be a fraction of the Mom I am without you!
  • I love you because you are quiet
  • You help me calm down and fix my problems
  • You are the best at loving me despite me
  • My favorite thing to do with you is sitting on the beach
  • You are happy when you are knitting
  • It makes me happy when you run your fingers through my hair
  • You make the best fried chicken, ka’chuncks, & cacciatore


One thought on “A Marvelous Mother’s Day

  1. lorajbanks says:

    I love “My mom is happy when she goes to Walmart.” I guess it’s a rite of passage in mom-hood, because I too am happy when I go to Walmart. Sweet post.

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