Learning Letters for Kindergarten

Melanie went to kindergarten registration a couple weeks ago. (That is another post in itself.) They gave all the kids an assessment test. I asked her about it at the end of the morning and she told me “I did good. I read the pages they gave me and I told them all the letters they ask me, but I didn’t know all the sounds.” She went upstairs for her rest time today with some paper. An hour later she came downstairs with this.

so motivated and studious!

She told me she didn’t write “K” because she couldn’t remember how to, but she knows it’s sound. She wrote all her letters and gave them a check if she knew their sound. I asked her “Why did you write out your letters?” She told me “I need to learn them and get ready for Kindergarten. It is my homework Mommy. I didn’t know them all and now I do!”

I just love seeing her so excited to learn. We should all want to learn as much as kids do. We could do and be so much.


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