Strawberry Pickin’

The ultimate start to a southern summer is strawberry pickin’! You can’t have summer without the sweet smooth taste of a freshly picked strawberry! I took the girls with a friend to a local strawberry field. We had a blast. The strawberries were delicious and watching the girls go about picking the strawberries was a hoot.

pickin’ berries!

Melanie picked 8 strawberries. She spent the rest of the time running around and those 8 lonely berries became a pulversized smoothie by the time they hit the scale. Sylvia, was my little work mule. She picked and picked and picked every red berry she saw. She kept saying “Need more berries. Go eat at park.” She capitalized on every moment she had to make her berry hoard as big as it could be. She couldn’t wait to sit down and gobble ’em up until she could hold no more.

our cheerleader

Summer has officially started in this house. Has it started in yours? Go find a strawberry field and go pickin’! As a southern I can say there “ain’t nothin better for da soul!” The only thing missing was my grandma and my parents. They were always out there pickin’ with me.

our berries

Sylvia – the MVP!


2 thoughts on “Strawberry Pickin’

  1. Mark says:

    Wish we could have been there. We have done our share of picking, but it has been awhile. You are creating valuable memories.

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