Diet plan – Week 1

always eating veggies!

I made it! I lost two pounds. Woo-hoo! This is right on track. I had six great workouts! (2 – RPM, 2- Body Pump, Body Flow, and Ran 3 miles) I ate nothing that I wanted to. On Friday night I had yogurt and granola for dinner just because I didn’t want to eat grilled chicken again and I got to imagine it was strawberry ice cream. Win-Win. I ate bags of steam-able frozen vegetables, egg whites, tons of greek yogurt, lots of water/tea/coffee, and two pieces of strawberry pie. 🙂 Had to cheat a little! We went strawberry picking and that pie is one of my all time favorites! Melanie is gobbling it up fast so it should be gone soon.

This week I will get in another six workouts. It will continue to eat simple low calorie proteins and vegetable knocking out all liquid calories and I only have three weeks of extreme dieting to go before summer break! I definitely had to tear myself away from sonic a couple of times. I heard they now make “mini” sized deserts and I am dying to get one. It is going to have to wait though.


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