Tummy Troubles

We scurry our way into the fitting room with a bathing suit for Melanie. I help Melanie pull on the top to her bathing suit without messing up her hair and she quickly turns to look in the mirror. She loves to get new clothes.

I glance towards the mirror. I see her smile switch to a crooked frown. She tips out her hip and cocks her head to the side. She pulls down on the tankini top as hard is she can. Then she grabs the bottoms and pulls them up too. She sighs flips around with her arms crossed over her stomach. “It won’t cover my tummy.” I chuckle. “It is a tankini it isn’t supposed to cover your tummy. It is in two pieces.” She sighs again. “Well, I think it should cover my tummy.” I smile so big my baby wants her tummy covered! I reply. “This is the only suit they have in your size. If you don’t like it we will have to look somewhere else. It is easier to use the bathroom in a two piece suit though.” Melanie furrows her brow and thinks about it. “I go potty with all my suits and they covered my tummy.” “Yes you did. We don’t have to get this one.” “Alright. Okay. Let’s do that.”

I take off her tankini. We walk out to see Daddy. “Did you like it?” I shake my head quickly back and forth. Melanie quickly states.”Not at all.” When she is a teenager, I will hold this story as an exhibit against her triangle top bikini.


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