Springfest 2012

It isn’t officially spring around here until Springfest! We strolled our way downtown and had a wonderful time. The big girls walked all the way from the house and back. Danielle got to ride in the stroller since she is so good at sitting up now. We met up with friends and off we went.

– Heartbreaker!

We ended up next to the art shop and had our faces painted. The big girls got to paint cardboard flowers.

My little artist.



The streets downtown were full of artists. There was a granite lazy susan I wanted so badly, but I left it there. There were kid bicycle races, carnival rides, paintings, hair bows, jams, and a man playing music that Sylvia loved! She fell into a trance and couldn’t move. She looked like she had been hypnotized by his wooden pan pipes. We didn’t move quickly though. We greeted every dog we encountered. It was slow going because there were dogs everywhere!

I know two girls who need a dog! One day...

The girls ate hotdogs. The adults had amazing North Carolina Barbecue, and we all topped it off with a huge bag of kettle corn! It was delicious. The only thing missing was my i-phone because these pictures were taken with my dumb phone, and it took Husband over 20 minutes to extract them. Maybe by the time we get a dog, I can have a phone to go with it! Spring has sprung and it was fun!

Me and my baby girl!


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