Cleaning Crayon

I stand in my bedroom, folding clothes on autopilot while soft country music streams from the internet radio. How long have I been here? I started with three loads of laundry to fold, and now I am almost done. Aside from the country song, there’s no sound, which worries me because my two- and four-year-olds are in the next room over.

I enter the living room, and dread becomes reality. There they are, armed with a box of crayons, marking up every toy in sight, and who knows what else. “No…girls! What are you doing?”

Melanie throws her crayons to the floor and cowers behind our yellow armchair. Sylvia gives a goofy smile and holds her crayon high. “We coloring, Mommy! So pretty.” I force the muscles of my own smile into a rigid stare, then I take a deep breath and survey the damage. They got the Winnie-the-Pooh car, the dragon car, the kids table and chairs, and some spots on the wood floor, but I don’t see any wall or furniture damage. Okay, not as bad as I thought.

“Ladies, follow me.” Melanie pops up and follows close at my heels. Sylvia knows something is off but brings up the end of the line. I get to the kitchen, grab two wash clothes, dampen them under the faucet, and hand them out. “Ladies. We do not color on anything but paper. Melanie, you know better. You will both go clean up the crayon. Understand?” Melanie grumbles a little, but I give her a sharp look, and she shuffles back to the living room.

Sylvia turns and bobs down the hall, singing, “Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere, clean up, clean up, everybody do your share.”

I shake my head. When the kids are quiet and playing nicely, do not be fooled. It’s only the calm before another storm.

The damage

The cleaning

The witness


10 thoughts on “Cleaning Crayon

  1. waterthecamels says:

    My kids have done the same things plenty of times. The best though are the times they decided to practice their name. The “how did you know” look was almost as good as the look that crept on their face when it finally dawned on them how I knew : )

  2. lorajbanks says:

    Hilarious. My kids are the same age as yours (but our baby is a boy). Nice to see there are other crazy people out there. Anwyay, I just wanted to say that once I caught my 2-year-old holding a marker, with a guilty face on. I couldn’t find the damage after searching for a good couple of minutes, when she smiled and I found it. All over the inside of her mouth…she coloured her teeth and everything. Silence = sneaky…you’re right!

    • Sheena Snyder says:

      That is hilarious! We have definitely had “lipstick” applied with a red magic marker before. They make them washable, but that encounter lasted a couple days. That is neat our kids are the same age! The girls are very close and completely chaotic.

  3. Mark says:

    This is all very hilarious. Hopefully, they will never decide to go wild with the scissors and attack the drapes to see outside. Much funnier at someone else’s house, when your kids aren’t the culprits.

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