Our Day at the Zoo

I love having kids! You are given a unique opportunity to be a kid again. You get to be excited about all the things that aren’t your age anymore. It was a beautiful Saturday two weeks ago when we decided to take the girls to the zoo. (We didn’t get the memo that the rest of North Carolina thought the same thing!) It was so crowded that people were parking on the roads, on grass, and along roads nowhere near the parking lots.

So many cars!

It was a wonderful time. We had the two big girls walk, and Danielle rode in the stroller. Melanie was so tired by the end. She is not used to that much walking. As we left, I told her “we should come every day, Mel.” She whined “Every day?” I said I was only joking, and she sighed in relief. You can get too much of a good thing. We saw most all the African animals. It was slow going with the crowds. Sylvia could have watched the lion all morning. She kept giving him her fiercest roar.

The bird house was chock full of exotic birds and a real treat. Of course, Melanie’s favorite part was the air vent.

I was very thankful I learned last time we went to the zoo to pack a lunch. We would have been waiting for hours to eat, and we are a horrible lot when hungry.

PB&J's in the woods!

All the girls loved the animals. Next time Daddy might take a day off of work to skip the crowds.

Danielle riding like a big girl!

To the little kid in all of us!

p.s. We left at around 3pm. You can see, in the top left corner, people still waiting in line, on the bridge, to get in! Ugh!


5 thoughts on “Our Day at the Zoo

  1. waterthecamels says:

    Howdy Sheena. I am not sure if you saw, but you won the music CD giveaway from the letter M a to Z blog. If you would like a copy or digital download give me a hollar. If you not interested that is fine, I will draw another name. Thanks!

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