Can I get a wet nurse?

I have a beautiful seven-month-old little girl. She is calm, easy going, super smiley, an amazing sleeper, and an exclusive breastfeeder!!! This mom is done. I have been pregnant three times in five years. I nursed my middle babe for nine months, and I was pregnant again a few months after that. I want to wake up in the morning and be a person unattached to a baby. I need freedom. I need to go on dates. I need to be able to go away for a night without my baby. I need a baby who will drink from a bottle.

note: this is not my baby!

I am stuck nursing. In the beginning, it’s a dream come true. I have to sit down to “feed the baby.” It is my number-one job. I am the only one who can do it. I can’t tend to the other children. I can’t clean the kitchen. I can’t fold the laundry. The baby needs me. Now, nursing is in the way. I am fully rested. I don’t want to zone out on the sofa endlessly scrolling a Facebook feed. I want to finish a workout and give the girl a bottle, not nurse a baby all hot and sweaty. I certainly don’t want to spend a summer, by the pool, with a baby under a beach towel when it is 100 degrees outside.

I am in new territory. I have never had a baby who wouldn’t drink a bottle, even loaded with the good stuff. It would be much easier if I could have someone with active udders come my way. You spend the day feeding my baby, so I can be free. I am accepting clean blood panels, and in return you get to help a girl in need. I know she won’t mind. I’ve seen her get hungry and dive into many a chest. Got milk? I’ve got a hungry baby.


7 thoughts on “Can I get a wet nurse?

  1. linzster says:

    I completely understand the sentiment! I finished nursing my second when he was eight months old…got pregnant a month later, and now my youngest is four months. I plan to keep breastfeeding through the summer, but I think by seven months I will be where you are at!

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