Easter Weekend – The Feast!

Melanie made the crosses at church. What a great centerpiece. It opened up conversation for us at dinner about why we were having such a fancy meal!

This year we decided to stay at our house instead of travel home to family for Easter. Husband’s side of the family has a big dinner with the extended family. It is great and we truly miss living near family. We stuck with the tradition and cooked dinner too. I posted last week our menu and it will be adjusted for next year.

The lamb cake was delicious, but didn’t rise into both sides of my pan. My leg of lamb cooked 1.5 hours faster than it was supposed to. This rushed the rest of my cooking process. Fortunately Husband jumped right in and helped me pull everything together. It was all delicious. Sylvie my meatatarian ate two portions of lamb. Melanie the vegetarian loved her green beans.

I got to use my new (to me) china from my grandmother that I have always loved. We pulled out the crystal and had a fantastic family meal to celebrate Easter.

Everything looks tastier with fancy dishes!

Easter is my favorite holiday and if it continues to be as wonderful as this past weekend was. It always will be.

I really like to cook

One post left to share from the weekend. See you tomorrow.


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