Easter Weekend – Easter Eggs

We did too much this weekend to put into one post. I will start with Friday. We dyed Easter eggs!

I have always loved to dye Easter eggs and fortunately the girls love it too. I covered the dining room table with sheets of wax paper and then put a table cloth over the paper to avoid staining my blonde wood with dye. Sylvia tested this system out and it worked great! Her shirt is forever stained pink, but my table was saved!

I handed Sylvia her first egg. She looked at me, shrugged her shoulders, and then slammed it as hard as she could onto the table to “crack” it. I demonstrated the process to “color” not crack eggs and she did great. The girls had fun. They dunked them and dyed them and Sylvia was sad when her eight eggs were gone. She could easily have dyed 20. Melanie experimented with dying an egg two different colors. We ended up with no brown eggs, just pretty colors with princess stickers. It was a fun activity.

And we can’t forget Danielle.


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