Waiting for Daddy

Husband has been on work trips all week for the past three weeks. He has only been around for the weekends. The girls have really been missing him. This morning Sylvia looked to me and asked “Where is Daddy?” I know she was wanting a “Daddy hug” and hoping he was here to give one. When I told her he was at work she said “Okay.”

This evening we were waiting to have a family dinner when Husband returned home. The girls were hungry and quite ready to see their Daddy. They went out to wait for him.

Their pose lasted for all of a minute before they ran to play on the swing set. They couldn’t wait inside. They had to get as close to the garage as possible. They had to know the moment Daddy was home.


3 thoughts on “Waiting for Daddy

  1. Mary says:

    My husband travelled a lot when our kids were little too. It is tough. We used to drop him off at the train and my daughter would cry the whole way home.

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