Becoming Babe after Babies – Phase 2

Phase one of returning to my pre-baby body was run a 1/2 Marathon. Done! I did it to have a challenge and achieve a new scary fitness goal.  I am now 15lbs lighter and ready to go further. I had a group exercise work out plan created for after my half mary. It did not plan for bad tendonitis in my right ankle. I took one spin class last week and realized my plan was not going to work. I have spent two solid weeks resting and this past week bummed deciding what to do.

I am not a dieter. I like to exercise excessively and eat moderately. I love food too much to let it go. I cannot go through life starving and eat a cube a cheese before I pass out. Since my daily walking has been leaving me with ice on my ankle by 8pm, I have been asking myself “What am I going to do?” My husband, always ready to help, told me to swim. I replied “No, I hate swimming.” I love to swim at the beach on a float while I sun bathe or swim from a boat to a set of skis. I do not swim laps. There is nothing to look at but the ceiling or pool floor. You cannot listen to music or people watch. You have to do the whole change in the locker room thing. I am burdened enough carrying two kids and their stuff into the gym, and now I have to take a bag for me too!

While I was sitting all week with ice on my ankle dreaming of running outside, I remembered 12 weeks ago I hated running too. Now I am in a bad mood because I haven’t worked out in two weeks, and I am going insane. I might not like to swim, but maybe in 10 weeks I will. It only took 10 weeks to fall in love with running, and I should be able to swim with tendonitis. So, tomorrow I am going to head to the pool. I am going to pack a gym bag, change in a locker room, be soaking wet when I leave after a boring swim workout. I might hate it, but I will keep doing it anyways. I am determined to keep on going, and maybe this tendonitis will be the best thing that ever happened to me. It is going to push me once again out of my comfort zone into a workout routine I know I would not have done but for an injury.

Here is my revised schedule: swim Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and body pump class on Tuesday and Thursday. If my ankle hurts, I can always sit down and lift for the exercises that don’t hurt. I have not swam laps since my days in summer swim team, but to the pool I go!


2 thoughts on “Becoming Babe after Babies – Phase 2

  1. Janet S says:

    Hopefully you’ll like it. I started swimming for exercise last year and it has become something I look forward to. It’s a MUCH better workout than I would have thought too. Not just leg-centered. Amazing, and fun. Good luck.

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