Craft time: Shamrocks

My shamrock 1/2 marathon in Virginia Beach has made me very aware of St. Patricks Day this year. I have never been concerned with it before. This year all I can think about are shamrocks and green colored Yuengling. Brewing beer isn’t really a craft for kids or myself. So, I settled on making homemade shamrocks.

You need to gather a knife, potato, paint, card stock, and your kiddos. I picked up a fat potato to make the stamps with.

You cut the potato in half and then carve the shape of a shamrock leaf (a heart) to make your stamp. When that is done you leave the knife in the kitchen and proceed to your table. I put out the stamp, paint brushes, and green paint on a plate. Now you are ready to go. This craft took me less than five minutes to prepare and they had fun for 30 minutes.

I had my own piece of card stock to use as a demonstration (I really just wanted to paint too) and let them have fun. A quick and easy project. You could paint a rainbow, cut and past a pot of gold if you like. Just relax, sit back, and paint away.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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