1/2 Marathon – Week 8

I made it through another week. I had to steal a day from week 9 to get my long run in, but I made it happen. I ran a total of 18 miles. I missed a run for a root canal. Trust me, I would much rather have been running.

I want to dedicate this week of training to my dear husband. He has been such a great support for me through this venture. I could not have run this morning in more ways than one without his support. I ran for 8.5 miles. I got up at 5:40 to nurse the baby, when I left he got up to get ready for work. He then got the girls ready for school. He had them fed, dressed, and ready to go when I strolled back home at 8:00. I would not have been able to run all those miles today without him. If he didn’t watch the girls every Saturday for the last 12 weeks, I wouldn’t be here. If he didn’t put together my training schedule, I wouldn’t be here. If he hadn’t encouraged me to keep going, I wouldn’t be here. I am thankful for him and cannot believe that my race is now less than two weeks away! Thanks babe, I love you.


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