I’m 6 Months Old!

Hello, my name is baby, but sometimes they call me Danielle. I am just along for the ride really. I don’t walk, talk, or sit by myself yet. This leaves me pretty limited, but I get to be held all the time. I don’t spend much time crying either. It is pretty pointless in my family. The way to get attention around here is smiling, not crying. My big sisters haven’t figured that out yet. They cry all the time and get sent to far corners of the house. Mommy, she takes one look at me, I flash her my sweet toothless smile, and voila, I get scooped up. Works every time.

Mommy just started me on solid foods. At last I have a really full stomach. I stick it out through the first jar and get to the second one. It is so sweet and delicious I cannot eat it fast enough. I keep grabbing for the food they eat. It has to taste good. I have gotten a few handfuls over the last week, but Mommy takes it back as fast as I catch it. I will taste it soon though. I am perfecting my speed. All this new food is making me pretty regular too, and they are some stinky diapers.

Mommy is trying to get me to drink from a cup now. I never gave the baby bottle a chance. I am giving in to the cup though. I like to hold the handles, and the top is fun to chew on. She figured out not to fill it with fake milk (you call formula). That chalky stuff is a no go. I am a milkaholic, and I refuse to change my ways.

I am sleeping through the night too. I hear this is a pretty big deal. I am still trying to figure out why. It is practical really. You just lay in your cozy bed, clean, full, and go to sleep. One day, I am going to try to teach my big sis Sylvia how to. She could use a full night’s sleep. So could Mommy and Daddy.

I have had six pretty good months and will leave you with what I do best. Happy six months to me!

– Danielle


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