What a Wonderful Winter in the South

Yesterday it was 80 degrees here in NC. Is it still winter? Was it ever winter? Either way it was amazing. I had lots of plans yesterday and they were cancelled. The new agenda – outside! My three girls had a wonderful day. We had lunch at the park with friends. The girls played for two and a half hours! We came home for naps and went right back outside. We spent the evening downtown. We ate ice cream at the parlor, played on the train tracks, and ran up and down the alleys. We used every ray of evening sunlight left for grilling food, playing on the swing set, and eating dinner.

It was a great day. I remember when I was a kid my mom would kick me out of the house. She would turn off the tv, games, put away all the toys, and send us packing. I believed her to be a crazy emotional lady. Who knew why we suddenly had to get out of the house.  I know now that those were the beautiful days, the once in a while days, and when God gives them, embrace them. Set aside your plans because you don’t get these days back. They are infrequent and priceless.

Owl Eyes


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