Goodbye “Mommy” – Hello “Mom”

My little two-year-old has started to call me Mom. Isn’t it too early for this? I know it is modeling. Melanie has been saying “Mom” to get on my nerves. She still calls my husband Daddy though. Sylvia has picked it up, and she calls us “Mom and Dad.” I keep correcting her and telling her “I’m Mommy.” I cannot have Danielle grow up calling me Mom from the start and not Mommy. She cannot talk yet! Melanie knows it has been bothering me and has reverted back to Mommy now. She has even started correcting Sylvia too, which is probably the real reason she has taken my side in this, because it is one way for her to legitimately assert herself over her younger sister.

I know “Mom and Dad” happens. I did it to my parents and broke their hearts to pieces. Why can’t I stay Mommy forever? I would not mind if they were 40 and still called me Mommy. I am not ready to let my little girls go. They are still little, right? Did I have false expectations? Have I lost my mind? I was holding out for at least six-years-old before this happened.


6 thoughts on “Goodbye “Mommy” – Hello “Mom”

  1. Dusty Heels says:

    I hear you! My daughter started the “Mom” business at 3 and I told her “I am mommy” but she didn’t catch on until I didn’t answer her when she called me mom. She’s back to Mommy once again!

  2. Janet S says:

    Oh my gosh! Heartbreaking. Best of luck getting it back! Similar story: my girls (21 months) very rarely say Mama at all yet, but they are all over Dada and Daddy…say it all the time. Call everything Daddy now, and use it to address my husband as well. 🙂 They know my “name” but it’s like they know I want to hear it, so they don’t say it! Crazy kids.

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