Stretchy Monkey

I reach into the fridge and yank out the greek yogurt. I scoop up some granola and sprinkle some raisins on top. I am starving. I have only eaten a small salad today and it is 2:30. I hear a thud. I hardly register the sound. It isn’t followed with screaming, and my mind dismisses it as irrelevant. I fix my food and turn to the sink to get a glass of water. I look up and see Danielle in the swing. Something is different. But she is still in the swing. That is where I put her. What is wrong? I fill the cup with water and take a sip. I notice Danielle’s hands. She is reaching up to the mobile with one hand and holding her foot with the other. How can she reach the mobile? She has her Daddy’s monkey arms. Wait, where is the toy bar that goes over her? I look down, and it’s sitting on the floor. I know that I hooked it onto the swing. How did it come off? She was holding her feet. The thud. She must of kicked it off! I walk over to the swing to replace the toy bar. “Danielle you are full of surprises.”


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