1/2 Marathon – Week 6

I just completed my sixth week of training for my half marathon! This was my toughest week. I am fighting the beginning of tendonitis in my right knee and ankle. I had to cut back my six-mile run to five, and I mostly walked one of my four-mile runs to put less stress on it. It has to hold up just three more weeks so I can make it through the race. I made it through my 11-mile run this morning! I noticed that my little city is pretty small since I ran in and out the town limits a couple of times. It was rainy and cold, but I got it done. The family somehow got out the door and to church, almost on time too. It took me 2:23 to go 11 miles. My goal is to do the 13-mile race in no more than 3 hours, and I am right on track. It is pretty exciting. When I neared the end of my run, my legs felt like boulders. I had to force myself to pick them up so I could get home and out of the cold rain as fast as possible. I ran/walked a total of 24 miles this week. Pretty awesome. You should try it sometime! Have a great week.


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