Cake Pops: 102

One of my mini projects this year is to master the cake pop. My first experience with them was at Sylvia’s 2nd birthday party. They were tasty, but not pretty. It was a challenge between the half spheres I got from the cake pop maker, the chocolate dripping everywhere, sprinkles all over the floor, and kiddos in the middle of it. I almost resolved to Goodwill the brand new cake pop maker. I have given it one more shot and am going to share my new tricks with you.

You need to pick out and follow your cake recipe from inside the pop maker instruction book. It makes a great, small, dense batch of batter. You then must really fill up the spheres inside the pop maker. I prefer to have too much than too little. It is so hot that it cleans easily and they just pop out so you can get the perfect balls of cake you are looking for.

You then wait for them to cool and put them into a dish and set them in the freezer for about 10 minutes. This helps them cool down the chocolate coating faster when you dip them.

When you are ready, you melt your chocolate chips. I recommend buying the tempered chocolate melts from the craft store. They are made by Wilton, and they come in every color of the rainbow. We picked red for Valentine’s Day. You then gather together your decorating crew. (Tip: Mommies do chocolate and kiddos to sprinkles. It is much cleaner this way.) (Tip 2: Do not use candy pearls or large heavy sprinkles. They will drip down, fall off, and take your chocolate with them.)

The whole process is actually pretty easy, but don’t forget this next super-important step. You must dip the stick into the chocolate and then punch it into the center of the ball. You do that for the first 12, and then when it hardens, the chocolate is glue that holds the cake on the stick. If you don’t do this step, you will dip your ball into the chocolate, and it will just fall right off. You dip, sprinkle, dry, and you have some very awesome, super-fun kid food. The candy is hard and crunchy on the outside, and the cake is a nice soft center. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. I hope you feel inspired to enter the world of cake pops.


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