“Can I have a banana?” I hear as I descend the stairs, my arms full of clothes. “Did you finish your bagel, Melanie?” “I did, and I am still hungry.” I rush in to get a banana, and Sylvia asks for one too. “You have to finish your bagel first.” In the meantime, Melanie gobbles up her banana and starts to get ready for school. As I finish dressing Danielle, Sylvia yells, “Banana Mommy please.” I see the clock–8:10. We don’t have time. I boost her out of her chair, and she cries, “Banana!” “You can have one after Melanie goes to school,” I say. “Bagel all gone. Banana!” “I know, we don’t have time, Sylvie. When we get home, okay?” I hurry to put her in clothes and shoes, then we scurry out the door. We get to the car, and I hear, “Melie school, my banana?” “Yes, Sylvie.” When we get to school, I open the car door, and Sylvia reassures herself. “Melie school, my banana.”

We work our way down the hill, Sylvia running as fast as she can without falling down, softly chanting to herself “Banana, Banana.” We drop Melanie at her classroom door, and Sylvia blurts, “Goodbye, Melanie.” Mrs. Archer asks Sylvia, as she always does, “Are you staying with me today?” “No, my banana.” She looks up to me, tugs on my pants, and says, “Go home, banana.” We promptly turn and head back up the hill. Sylvia resumes her chant, “Banana, my Banana,” while trudging up the hill. We get to the car, and she looks at me. “Go home, my banana.” She is afraid I’ll make a detour. “Yes, we are going home for your banana.” When we pull into the garage, her fears are relieved. “Yay, home, my banana!” She hurries into the house, strips off her shoes and coat, and puts them in the closet. “My banana, Mommy.” “It is at the craft table, you can eat it there.” She walks over to the kitchen table and cries “Oh, no, banana gone! My banana! No, banana!” I quickly grab her hand and calm her. “Your banana is at the craft table, sweetie.” We turn the corner to the living room, and she sees the bright yellow peel on top of the table. She throws her hands into the air and runs as fast she can to the table. “Banana!”


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