Bad Days

Today it started out okay. The girls slept in and we were a little late getting stated. I proceeded to drop Melanie of at school, Sylvia off at Mother’s Morning Out, Danielle off at the gym nursery. I ran my 3 miles went home, took a shower, downed a clementine and glass of water because I was starving having not yet eaten. I picked up Melanie and friend from school, went to our only indoor play place at Chick-fil-a, and meet my friend who brought Sylvia to me. We played, ate, talked, and came home. It was okay, nothing bad happened. Then the girls, they didn’t stop fighting – all day, Danielle has cried – all day, and to top it off Sylvia woke up from her nap because she wet the bed. So, one more load of emergency laundry to add to the three I was already doing. I am sitting here because Jeremy came in and I gave up on the day. I have been barking around the house. I have hung the phone up on my husband. I didn’t cook and fed the girls cereal for dinner. (In my only defense it is one of their favorite meals.) I have a cold and my head hurts, but I shouldn’t be yelling, how does that help? Husband strolled in and took over. He knew what to expect when I hung up on him for no good reason. It has been quiet and even though my head is still pounding, I now must go apologize to everyone in the house for my unacceptable behavior. Oops. I guess the other side of the coin is tomorrow is a new day. I get a second chance and everyone here loves me despite myself.


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