1/2 Marathon – Week 4

Today I ran 8 miles. I have again run further than I have ever run before. I finished it in 1 hour and 37 minutes. It was certainly difficult, but I made it through. (And did I mention it was raining too?!) When I was in the last couple miles, I felt as though I was shuffling my feet and they were just hovering over the pavement, and I was hoping that I was going to get them high enough and not trip on uneven pavement.

I am discovering a greater love for my town. I ran back through some horse farms, and a couple horses came up and started to trot along next to me. I wanted to just hitch a ride for the next 7 miles, but I had to do it myself. Then as I was running further, I passed a 4-horse-drawn carriage. Where do you see that?! In Southern Pines, NC. So, I made it, and somehow I am supposed to run 10 miles next weekend. I think I will wait to tell my hamstrings because they are still upset with me from this morning. Happy Saturday!


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