Puppy Love

For Sylvia, my smart 2 year old, love is not something she just gives out. She is much more likely to give you a glare unlike any you have seen before. As one mom at preschool this week said “You don’t need a guard dog no one would enter your house and mess with that one.” It is so true. She has the sweetest smile, but you must prove yourself to her for her to give you that smile. A smile doesn’t mean love either, it means acceptance.

Sylvia has what we’ve coined her circle of love. You imagine a dart board and it’s different circles. We will work from the outer circle inward. The outer circle would be  uncles and grandparents, people who really dote on here. The next circle belongs to the immediate family, Mel Mel, Baby, Daddy, and Mommy, in the bullseye of her circle of love resides – Puppy. He is a true member of this family. He goes everywhere with us, does everything, he picked pumpkins, eats at the table, gets his hair and teeth brushed, and has even used the potty (the real one!) He may be stuffed and matted, but he is still a member of this family and last night we forgot that person in our family. Puppy slept at the gym!

It is hard for me to believe I drove all the way home before I realized I left him behind. It is impossible to explain to a mournful two year old that her puppy isn’t gone and we can have him back tomorrow. We arrived at the gym at 8:22am and she was overjoyed to see him. She told me on the way there “Go get my puppy. I want to hold him. I want hug him. I miss puppy.”

One day she is going to choose to leave little puppy at home, and then in her bed, and then put him on the dresser, and then he will inevitably move to a shelf somewhere and on that day I might shed a tear at the loss of my baby girl who cried herself to sleep because we didn’t have puppy. The one at the center of her circle of love!


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