Panty Power

Potty Training the change we can’t wait for and surprisingly the change as parents we decide to drag our feet on. We don’t like change. We don’t want to be stuck in the house for 3 days. We don’t want to pressure them to grow up. The truth is we don’t want to lose our baby. And practically speaking we don’t want to clean pee off of every surface of our house. All kids are different and I have to say Sylvia is pretty impressive. She turned 2 in December and was ready to be in panties 6 months ago.  She started going potty while we were at the pool this past summer!

So, why have I been keeping this kid in diapers for half a year? I had a new baby and to be potty training another… Sigh, too much. Right?! Just excuses! So, a couple weeks ago she decided that if she was going to be in diapers she might as well use them. I can hear her little voice saying “No more potty.” I looked at her and realized I was the problem. Up to the attic I went and slapped on those Elmo panties. I think it takes that brick wall to knock some sense into us parents. I wrote my husband at work to tell him the good news. We are in panties! Of course, I picked the weekend we had friends coming in town to potty train. He responded “seriously, this weekend, okay….”

Yes, seriously, okay…! Is there ever a good time to potty train? I really don’t think so. We probably had that ideal weekend sometime in the last 6 months. We wasted it. Here we are 2 weeks later in panties! It was sad, it was messy, it was an adjustment and it was empowering! Does she look different sporting panties instead of pampers. She sure does. She is proud of herself . She gets lots of high fives. All we need now is a belt to hold up her pants. She is happy, loves it, and so do I. So here’s to Panty Power!


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