So, life as mom is always exciting, full of adventure, love, cuddles, all the kisses you could want, and sometimes puke. Today while sitting at Chick-fil-a eating my lunch, Sylvia climbs up on my lap, eats a crouton, starts to cough, the cough gets deeper and deeper, and then I know it is coming. I grab a stack of napkins as fast as I can and in the nick of time I catch the puke. It doesn’t matter how many times it happens puke is NEVER pretty. It always gives you the feeling that you just want to join in and expel the contents of your stomach too. But you are Mom. You must remain calm. You cannot make a scene. You act as if nothing has happened and you catch and clean. There is not a person who can prepare you for this and when you dream of that little baby you again NEVER dream of the contents of their stomach. I hope Sylvia one day learns to chew her food and stop choking, because this isn’t the first time and I fear not the last time I will frantically be reaching for that stack of napkins.


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